What Makes A Good Estate Agent?

What Makes A Good Estate Agent

What Makes A Good Estate Agent?

I think we all know that Estate Agents carry a stigma and the industry is not the most loved of professions, but why is that?

Is it they don’t return calls or e-mails, no one turns up for viewings, or is it the needless flashy car, attire and stereotypical image they portray.

If this is the case the old saying goes do not tar everyone with the same brush. Granted there may be some agents who operate with these levels of inefficiencies but believe you me this is not the case for all them. Name me an industry that doesn’t have companies within that receive bad reviews and carry a bad reputation.

The most important thing is you trust the estate agent you employ. Not a lot of agents understand, you as the vendor are the employer and the agent is the employee. Furthermore, it is hugely important the company is experienced in the industry, know the current market and the area in which your property is situated.

Something I believe in hugely is a good agent is a good communicator and is not shy of making a phone call. For example, feedback from a potential buyer, calling solicitors on a regular basis and most importantly keeping you the vendor up to date on any progress and developments.

Another important thing to remember is the agent acts for the vendor, not the buyer, therefore they should act with your best interests at heart all the time. I am astounded by the amount of vendors I have spoken to who feel that previous agents they have dealt with have acted for the proposed buyers and not them. If this was the case then surely it should be the buyer picking up the commission bill.

Service, Service, Service

Another thing that amazes me on a day to day basis is the lack of service people are receiving, not just within the Estate Agency Industry. An agent is not a good agent if their service is not 110%. 110% of the time.

When employing an estate agent always look for any reviews they have from previous customers. There are many open platforms people can use to express their thoughts on a particular company, i.e TrustPilot. More often than not if someone receives an awful experience they will want to warn other people especially in the world of modern technology.


Other things to look for in an agent offering good service are:

  1. Attractive marketing of their properties – How impressive are their images, do they use a profession photographer. Put yourself in a buyers shoes would the quality of marketing attract your eye?
  2. Do they market their properties on Rightmove and Zoopla. I cannot emphasise how important this is. It’s quite simple if you are thinking of an agent who doesn’t use these platforms you may as well not bother and market the property yourself.
  3. Another issue I have is how many agents have the audacity to think they can sustain a business opening Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. It may be working for them now but I am confident if they don’t change their approach they are there for the taking. There are lots of hungry agents out there willing to offer a 7 day a week service and up to 9pm. I strongly believe a vendor should not employ an agent unless they are open 7 days a week.

Finally are your agents offering good value for money? Gone are the days where vendors should be paying 2% commission. You should be able to find an agent who charge as little as £600. However, be careful make sure you are not sacrificing any of the aforementioned points.