Top Tips To Sell Your House

Sell your house

Top Tips To Sell Your House

  1. You know what they say, First impressions count

Make sure your home looks its best or all viewings, your home is your shop window. Try and put yourself in the buyer’s shoes when presenting your property.

  1. Present your property in an organised manner

This links in with first impressions. Make sure your home looks as organised as possible.  Although I do not believe clearing everything away to try and create a show room as a home needs to be lived in. Stacking items on shelves and tables makes a huge difference on how a rooms shows off its space.

  1. Simple Maintenance And Repairs 

If there is anything you feel you can fix without a huge financial cost, fix it. Things like changing light bulbs, replacing window panes if they have blown, make sure the garden is clear of weeds. This can be simplified as polishing your property.

  1. Less is more

As previously explained I feel a house should be presented as lived in, less clutter helps a space look bigger. Therefore clear unnecessary items into draws and cupboards.

  1. Use Neutral Colours

Where possible opt for neutral colours. Not because everyone likes neutral colours but they for sure won’t put buyers off. Certain colours may and the potential buyer may not be able to see past that. For example, white bed sheets.