The Marketing of your home is the key to selling it.

The Marketing of your home is the key to selling it.

Put yourself in the buyers shoes

When you bought the property you are looking to sell you had a purpose and there was something about the property to attract your attention and made you want to book a viewing. As you are now the seller, wind the clock back and think which company will market my property that would attract me. The chances are you have lived in the property for a number of years and have therefore made changes to the property so replicating the previous marketing will not work.

What the agent should look for

The role of the estate agent is not just to list the property at a price you want and wait for the phone to ring. A good estate agent should guide and advise you.

Firstly, they should identify the unique selling points of your home and probably more important pick out the elements of the property that may put the buyers off. Some of these you may be able to rectify others will factors you can’t change. There is no such thing as the perfect property.

The Managing Director at Fast Move advises on the following points when selling a property;

  1. Treat your property as a product in a shop. Buyers prefer to see a well maintained and presented property. A buyer would not buy a product from a shop that looked faulty;
  2. Appoint an agent who you think will present your property to the best of its ability. Ask your friends and family about their experience with any estate agents they may have used. Search through Rightmove and identify who you feel take a good photograph and are able to write an informative and attractive description making people want to view the property;
  3. Make sure you appoint an agent that markets property heavily on the internet. We have seen the power of the internet grow massively over the years and this is only going to increase. Therefore when appointing an agent it is imperative you use one that is active on all the sites such as Rightmove and Furthermore, it may be wise to try and identify a company that moves with the times. Modern technology is changing everyday so it is important you use an agent that changes with this.
  4. Statistics will give you a good indication of what is happening in the current market. For example past sale prices which are accessible on websites such as Therefore If you are serious about selling your home take these figure on board. For example if your next door neighbors house is the duplicate of yours and that sold last month for £150,000 there is not much chance your will achieve £180,000.
  5. If you need to sell your house fast, market it at a price lower than the other houses in the area and at a price that would attract your eyes. The more people you can attract to your home the faster it will sell. Furthermore, if you need to sell your house immediately there are companies that buy any house for cash and can have the money in your bank within seven days.

An important factor for all house sellers to remember is that the agent is not responsible for keeping the property in excellent condition whilst trying to sell your property they can only try and sell what they are given.

Finally, if you do not market your property correctly and with a pro-active, modern and forward thinking company the chances are you will not sell the property for the best price in the fastest time.