How Long Have Local Agents Got, Given The Speed Technology is Growing?

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How Long Have Local Agents Got, Given The Speed Technology is Growing?

As we all know technology is changing at a rapid speed and there is no chance this is going to slow down. This evolution is also transforming the process of selling and buying properties i.e. the emergence of online estate agents and the large property portals.

There has been one huge announcement in recent days concerning the industry, the sale of ZPG (Zoopla Property Group) to a US Tech fund for 2.2 Billion. The Daily Telegraph also recently stated that ‘the industry is on the verge of a digital revolution. ‘It is hard to believe the local estate agent can survive much into the next decade unless they move fast with the times.’

Other experts in a number of Countries predict websites will take over what is today the high street agent.

Most online agents like fastmove operate on a fixed fee rather than taking a percentage of the final sale price. In most circumstances this makes the online option a significantly cheaper way to sell your property. The reason they can offer such a cheap alternative is

  1. They don’t need all the high street offices
  2. They do not require as many staff

However, the emergence of online companies in the industry has also allowed you an even faster way to sell your property. Type ‘we buy any house’ into Google and there are companies out there that will actually buy your house directly from you. This is the perfect service for people who need to sell their property fast. Granted you won’t achieve as much as if you were to market your house through an estate agent. But remember property will sell a lot quicker. An example of a company that offers this service

Many are surprised more technical innovation hasn’t already been introduced into how we buy and sell property in the UK.

I believe the next big thing in this moving world is voice activation. The tech giants like amazon have already created a platform, the amazon echo. This allows its user to search for features and services. My prediction is voice activation will play a huge part in the estate agent industry in the next 24 months.

The reason I think this is it does one thing that people value higher than ever and that is it gives you time. Moving forward anything which gives back time will win.