How To Spot The Genuine We Buy Any House Companies

How To Spot The Genuine We Buy Any House Companies


If you are looking to sell your property fast,  a large percentage of you will be typing into Google and other search engines phrases such as ‘we buy any house’.  BEWARE there will be a 000’s of companies which will be listed offering a service to buy your house direct whereas only a handful actually have the cash available and FastMove is one of them. Unfortunately because the internet is not regulated companies can offer a service and do not have to prove they can follow it through.

Please see below a few tips to follow before deciding which company you should use if you are looking for a company who can actually buy your house for cash. These points will allow you to help eliminate the ones who are reliant on finding a 3rd party buyer.

  • Only sign documents sent by your solicitor – If you were to sell your house through an estate agent you would not sign any documents with the respective buyer, you would only sign documents sent by your solicitor. Therefore why should you sign a document with a company who offer to buy your house. The reason why companies ask you to sign a document is to lock you in to the respective company. This contract will allow the company to go away and find a buyer to pay more than the agreed price with you, the difference in the middle will be seen as the company’s commission. I have known this be as much as £10,000 which at the end of the day is a very expensive estate agent. Remember there is no guarantee they will find the buyer.


  • Ask the company to show you proof the business have the CASH funds to buy your house. This is another question that will scare off a large percentage of the companies who crop up when you type the phrase ‘we buy any house’. The reason why this is because they actually don’t have the funds to buy the property. If you were to sell your house with an estate agent and the buyer confirmed they were a cash buyer the estate agent would ask the buyer to prove their funding. Why should the way these companies offer be any different?


If you are looking to sell your house fast and are looking for that trustworthy cash buyer why not choose FastMove? Here at FastMove

  • We will not ask you the vendor to sign any paperwork with ourselves the only paperwork you will sign are the documents which will be issued by your solicitor
  • We will provide you proof of funding confirming and illustrating we have the cash funds available to buy your property.

We are completely honest in saying that you will not achieve as much as you would if you put your property on the open market. Don’t let any cash for homes company lead you to believe they pay market value. The companies offering this service are the ones who are not genuine cash buyers. Think of it this way if someone is offering to pay market value for a property why are they not buying all the properties listed on the market?

Although if you sell your property for cash to FastMove you will not receive market value remember the two following points

  • You have a guaranteed buyer and will not have to go through the issues listing your property on the market may bring.
  • You could have the cash in your bank in as little as 7 days.