Selling your property with Fast Move could save Thousands

Selling your property with Fast Move could save Thousands

What does it normally cost to sell a property?

It is generally up to the vendor to pay the estate agent selling their property a level of commission for the work they have undertaken. The amount payable is agreed before the agent lists the property on the market.

The amount an estate agent charges is not regulated by a governing body, this is why you will see agents charging all kinds of figures depending on their business model.

Beware of agents who charge an upfront fee

 In recent years there have been a number of estate agents emerging who charge their commission before the property is marketed rather than at the end when the sale has completed. From the outset this may seem like an attractive proposal to a vendor as generally the fee will be less than what an agent will charge if the commission is to be paid on completion.

However, beware going with the cheapest option may not always be the best strategy. If you do decide to pay and agent an upfront fee rather than when the house is sold you are technically paying for a job to be done before it has even been started. For example, would you pay a plumber before they had finished fitting your new bathroom? So why pay an estate agent before they have sold your house. All that this money does is help the cash flow of the agent’s business i.e. overheads. Furthermore, once you have handed over your money to the agent you have lost control. How do you know they are going to work to 110% efficiency if there is no incentive to do so? Remember, they have been paid already.

Some agents are charging as much as 2.5% or a minimum fee of £3,000

 Although I would always recommend opting for an agent who charges on completion everything has a ceiling price. Some estate agents are getting away with charging their vendor 2.5% of the agreed sale price. Therefore if you agree to sell your house for £500,000 you will be charged £12,500 by the agent, don’t forget this will have VAT on top of it which the vendor will be unable to claim back unless they are operating a property business. Although estate agents put a lot of hard work and time into selling a property £12,500 is an awful lot of money.

There are some agents who will charge an upfront fee as well as a heavy level of commission at the end.

Using Fast Move to sell your house could save you £1000’s

 Selling your property with Fast Move could save you £1,000’s. They charge a flat fee of £500 to sell your property and this includes your solicitor’s fees as they have their own in house solicitors who will carry out all the conveyancing work on your behalf. I am a great believer of you get what you pay for. However, don’t think because they only charge £500 they must be open from 9am till noon. Their offices are open from 8am – 9pm 7 days a week to help provide a quality to service to both you and the potential buyers.

Take our example earlier if you opted to use Fast Move to sell your house you would have saved £12,000 which could buy you a new car. Plus don’t forget you would there are your solicitors fees.

To ensure the team at Fast Move do provide a quality level of service and do achieve results please visit their page on the trusted portal trust pilot. .