Commuters Are Playing A Big Role In The Property Market In London

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Commuters Are Playing A Big Role In The Property Market In London

Although house prices in London have slowed down in the last 12 months, in fact statistics state they actually dropped in the first half of this year, they are still nearly double the National average. This is why when people are analysing the house market in London they generally treat it as a different Country compared to the rest of England. The huge difference in price does have its plus points but also has its negatives. Historical data shows that buying a property In London gives a great return on investment. However, in order to buy the property people need to do an enormous amount of saving to generate the deposit required.

If you are preparing to sell up we have identified a few tips to follow when marketing your home to potential commuters.

Become familiar with public transport

There is one thing for sure and that is commuters will want fast and reliable transport into the city centre. In light of this if you don’t use the public transport facilities I would strongly suggest making a note of the train and bus timetables going to and from the city.

Create an office or identify how this could be done

 If the people interested in your property are moving away from their place of work the chances are they will want a space at home to work from. Think about changing a spare room into an office. Make the room light and airy and most importantly ensure it has maximum wi-fi speed and a strong phone signal. Optimising these two factors is definitely worth investing in.

Maximise the space

In London square footage comes at a huge premium. Because of this it is hugely important you show off every room to its full potential. De-clutter the rooms and paint the walls in a neutral colour.

Talk about what’s near you

Do you have some lovely restaurants, trendy bars, a sports complex or any other useful points of interest near you? If so make sure you mention them when talking about your property. People won’t just be interested in buying your property they will also buy into what’s around the house.

Potential, Potential Potential

Statistics state the majority of commuters into the city on a daily basis are in the age demographic of 35-49. This information illustrates it’s not just prices pushing people out of living in the city. People maybe looking for somewhere quitter and as they start families good schools will also be a key factor to where people choose to live.