We Now Offer A One Off Fee Of £600 To Sell Your House

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We Now Offer A One Off Fee Of £600 To Sell Your House

Here at FastMove we are constantly looking at different ways to offer better value. Our main aim is to always offer a service you would receive from your local agent and MORE, better still you now have the option to pay considerably less.

The most common way people pay their local estate agent is a level of commission once the sale of their property completes. This will either be a fixed amount or percentage of the sale price depending on the estate agent and can be anything from £1,500 to £3,000 or 1.5% – 2% respectively. There will usually be a minimum amount charged if for example the property you are looking to sell is £60,000. The minimum amount is generally £1,500.

However, here at FastMove we now offer all our customers the option to pay a one off fee of £600 to sell your property, yes that’s right £600. This could literally save you £000’s.

The fee is payable at the start of our relationship and once the property completes there will be no commission charged. The £600 is non-refundable but if you are confident you have a property which will sell it has to be worth it. To give you an indication we are currently selling 91% of our properties listed.

However, if you don’t want to pay before your property is sold we totally understand and we still give our customers the option to pay a level of commission when the property is sold. Basically you as the customer get the option to choose as we understand everybody’s circumstances are different.

Get more and pay less

What do you get from FastMove for £600?

Selling your house with FastMove is the most unique, pro-active and modern method to sell a home.

We have property advisors and analysts that specialise in all areas of the Country. Therefore placing your property with FastMove will give you both the local knowledge and expertise it needs as well as Nationwide coverage.

We Are Here For You All The Way 7 Days A Week

Due to the growth within the digital world a number of companies have started to offer a 7 day a week service rather than their initial 5 day. However, this is mainly services such as live chat or e-mail communication. There is generally not someone to talk to which I know can be extremely annoying and inefficient. As we all know it’s a lot easier to ask the questions to a physical individual rather than a text conversation. FastMove are also wary of this and actually have a support team to speak to 7 days a week from 8am-9pm. It’s not just the vendors that can benefit from this but also available to the buyers. The benefits of this service are proven within our completion statistics.

Other Services

Why not use the option of our one-stop-shop to sell a property. FastMove can also offer you a hugely competitive conveyancing service. Using out effective panel of solicitors enables us to keep stronger control over the sale of our property. This is proven in our completion statistics.