Sell Your House Fast With FastMove

Sell Your House Fast

Sell Your House Fast With FastMove

Believe it or not but throughout the month of May here at FastMove we sold 3 of our properties within 3 days of them been listed on the market. In fact that’s a lie one of them didn’t even make the market, the sold sign went up as fast as the for sale sign, I am sure you agree this is quite an achievement.

I strongly believe there are a number of reasons for this. One of them was covered in a previous post published when we talked about demand currently exceeding supply. However this is a reason which the overall industry is experiencing. Buyers are literally sat back waiting for the likes of Rightmove to send them an alert advising a property has been listed matching their criteria and are then pouncing. If you follow the Managing Directors personal content on the Christian-A show you will already know he believes in the next 36 years it these alerts will be sent to you in the form of voice activation.

On to the matter in hand, although one of the reasons for selling properties fast at the moment is because of the industry we strongly believe it is also down to the pro-activeness of the team at FastMove. We have a huge database of our own buyers we know are looking for properties. We know their exact criteria so can easily match a property to a serious buyer. More importantly  buyer we know has the money to proceed. Therefore nine times out of ten we will have viewings organised for your property without the need of Rightmove and Zoopla etc.

Our database accounted for two of the sales discussed at the start of this post. Although we totally respect the power of Rightmove and Zoopla this illustrates the more attention your estate agent can attract the more chance you have of selling your property and maybe more important selling it fast. Marketing is all about attracting attention, here at FastMove our marketers spend an enormous amount of time of working out where people’s attention is on a day to day basis.

As we all know different properties appeal to different markets and these different markets have different interests. Therefore knowing where their attention is hugely important as this will allow your estate agent to market your property on the relevant platforms. As this is something we spend a lot of time on we give all our vendors the stronger chance of selling their property faster.

Please also remember that if you need to sell your house today the we buy any house team at FastMove can also give you a cash offer today, making this the fastest way to sell your property.