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As you will know there are many different ways to sell your property. However, the most common approach is through your local agent or you can sell Via FastMove.

Through Your Local Estate Agent

Don’t get me wrong the local agent still plays strong part in the market, however since the emergence of the internet how long really have they got? Granted they will still list your property on the property portals, and will aim to find you a buyer. However,

  1. How pro-active are they apart from being reliant on portals such as Rightmove finding the buyer?
  2. Are they Open 7 days a week to speak to as many potential buyers as possible, thus maximising their customer’s main asset?
  3. Will they give you a true valuation from the outset?
  4. Ultimately, how much are they going to charge you?
  5. If all else fails and a buyer cannot be found will the local agent give me a cash offer for my property?

£500 to Sell my property with

Selling your house with Fast Move is the most unique, pro-active and modern method to sell a property. FastMove have revolutionised the property market. We currently sell 91% of properties in 4-6 weeks.

The reasons we are currently achieving such strong statistics are because

  1. FastMove are open 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm. This allows us to speak to as many buyers as possible to strive to maximise our vendors home;
  2. Honesty is the best policy. When we value a home we will not artificialise the value. Telling a customer their house is worth more than what it actually is does not do anyone any favours. It only wastes peoples time as all they will have to do is reduce the price to a figure we will quote from the outset;
  3. You can sell your property for as little as £500 selling your property with FastMove,
  4. We are not miracle workers and there are no guarantees we will find a buyer in the timeframe you have allowed. If this does occur don’t worry we can even give you a cash offer for the property.

We at fast move are very familiar with all the ways to get you a fast house sales. Reviews from your customers are the solid proof of our proven track record.



How do I Sell my house Fast and achieve the best price?

Although selling your house fast maybe your core objective getting the right price for it must also be a primary factor. Please see below a step by step guide to follow to achieve this.

  • Firstly, get a valuation of your house using our free house valuation tool.
  • Be very careful who you appoint to sell your house. Some companies will offer to buy the property, only to act as your agent. Remember FastMove will give you 2 options for your home
  1. Advertise your property through our strong marketing strategies
  2. Give you a cash offer for your property
  • Work out your selling time-scale before you agree a sale. However, Fast Move will tailor make the completion date to suit your requirements.

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