Why Is My House Not Selling?

Why Is My House Not Selling?

Why Is My House Not Selling?

If your house has been on the market for a number of months, there maybe a few reasons why it is not selling.

One thing is for sure do not let your estate agent get away with using the excuse it’s a slow market at the moment. At the end of the day everything sells if it has the right company working for it.

So let’s try and establish why your house may not be selling

  1. Is it having the right exposure? When you want to sell anything the one thing you need to do is attract as much attention as possible. If your property is not generating attention then I am quite confident it won’t sell. There is no doubt when people are looking to buy a property the majority of people’s attention is on Rightmove, hence the value of this successful company. So first things first, if you are using an estate agent that does not display its properties on Rightmove pick the phone up now and terminate the contract. I am not saying Rightmove is responsible for 100% of the properties sold in the UK but the percentage will be high. However, I would also suggest an estate agent that uses as many marketing strategies as possible i.e. do they use social media to its full potential, we all know the amount of time people spend on the likes of Facebook. Basically the more people that see your property for sale the more chance you have of selling it.


  1. How hard is your Estate Agent working for you? Your property is one of if not the biggest asset you will ever own. Therefore when employing your chosen estate agent you are putting a lot of faith into them. Furthermore, it’s one of the only things which you sell where you have no control and in a way are slightly blind as to what’s going on. This illustrates the importance of choosing an agent you can trust and know are going to work exceptionally hard for you. What are the operational hours of your existing estate agent? Again I will be blunt if they are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday pick the phone up and terminate the contract. Refer to point one there is a strong strong chance potential buyers will see your property on the internet. The internet is a platform which is operational 24 hours a day seven days a week. Therefore if you are using a company who only operates eight hours a day five days a week you are not giving your property the best opportunity. There are estate agents now who open 7 days a week from 8am – 9pm and I would strongly suggest using one of these.


  1. Has the property been priced right? Again do the exercise yourself, when you are next on Rightmove have a look at the amount of properties which have been reduced , you will be amazed. Let’s be honest we all want as much as possible for our home but at the end of the day it’s only worth what someone wants to pay. Therefore it’s up to the estate agent to price the property at a level that will attract people to make an offer. I am confident a number of estate agents throughout the UK are over valuing houses just to get the instruction. Given how expensive local estate agents now look compared to some of the online agencies this strategy is really the only thing they can do to get their board outside. Why wouldn’t people save £000’s for the same or even better service? Don’t always believe estate agents when they give you a valuation of your home. It’s always wise to get a few agents round to see how they all differ. Do some research yourself, has next door sold in the last six months? If so and it’s a similar style house to yours have a look at what that sold for as this should give you a good indication.


If you would like FastMove to give you a free valuation please click here. FastMove are open 7 days a week from 8am-9pm and only charge £600 commission on completion which is a no upfront fee no sale no fee agreement. Basically you will not pay them a penny until the property sells.