The Costs You May Have Forgot If Your Moving House

Selling Your House

The Costs You May Have Forgot If Your Moving House

Please take the following steps into consideration

We speak to an enormous amount of people who are looking at moving house and the amount of people who are unaware of the costs involved is astonishing. Furthermore the number of house movers who do not calculate these costs until the week of their proposed move is off the scale.

When people say moving house is the most stressful thing you will do, believe me a lot of the stress can be easily avoided. Naturally if on the week of completion you finally calculate a further £3,000 is needed to move you are going to be stressed.

To avoid this is to plan and evaluate all the extra costs you may incur moving from one house to another.


If budget is no concern to you this may not apply as there are removal businesses out there that will come along box everything up for you and take it to your new home using their own packing materials.

However, if not you will need to buy a large amount of boxes. To try and calculate how many boxes you need, firstly get rid of the things you are not taking. When carrying out this process be ruthless. Don’t move items from the loft thick of dust from one house to another. Quite clearly you don’t use it.

If you are extremely savvy then think of local shops who may receive stock in boxes and ask them to keep them for you. They only have to pay to get rid of them.

Removals team

It is worth always getting at least two quotes before hiring a removal company as costs again can vary.

Generally price will depend on a number of factors, mainly the distance you are moving and the amount of boxes you have.

Remember if you are busy with work and other commitments it maybe more financially viable to use a company who pack your boxes for you.

Always check whether the quote you’ve been given includes cover for your belongings in transit or whether this is an extra you’ll need to pay for.


Vehicle hire

If you plan to do the move yourself and don’t have your own means of transporting your belongings you are going to need to hire a van. Obviously if you know someone exhaust this option as they may lend it you or if not the hire costs may be done on mate’s rates.

Costs for hire companies can vary quite considerably. Therefore its worth shopping around to get the best deal, remember every penny counts.


If you are doing a long-distance move, this could be a considerable amount of money. This cost will apply whether you are using your own van or hiring one.


The completion of your sale and purchase may not happen simultaneously. In this instance you are probably going to have to absorb the costs of storing your contents. Unless again you know someone with a large garage or have access to a storage unit. However, you may be able to avoid this scenario with a good level of communication with your solicitor.


If you are buying your next home your solicitor will ensure buildings insurance is in place at the time you exchange contracts with your seller. Please bear in mind however to insure your contents from the day of the move to protect them whilst in transit, unless this is covered by the removal company.