Delays On Brexit Gives The Housing Market A Boost

Delays On Brexit Gives The Housing Market A Boost

The delay on Brexit has given the housing market a timely boost.

As soon as it emerged there maybe a softer Brexit the interest from buyers looking to buy a new property raised. Certain agents recording an application increase of more than 25%. As well as applications increasing sales have also gone up considerably across the Country with some agents recording increases more than 20%.

These statistics reaffirm that the reason for the market slowing down over the last six months especially in London was down to the uncertainty about Brexit.

However although sales have increased significantly new houses listed on the market have only gone up by 1% if at all. It has been stated that there are currently 10 buyers for every new property listed whereas is was 8 at the start of the year.

With the gap between supply and demand been so great now could be the perfect opportunity to sell your property and thus maximise your asset.

FastMove’s managing director explained ‘we strongly believe that sales will continue to grow throughout the year and market confidence will pick up. However sellers will still need to see the benefit of placing their house on the market.

Sellers should be confident that if they choose the right estate agent i.e one that will work hard for them, the property is advertised at the right price their property will sell.

If you are looking to sell your property I strongly advise to get your house listed on the market now and take advantage of the low levels of supply.